On making straight edge friends.

So the other day I was riding my xmopedx and thinking drug free thoughts and I thought of the best way to make edge friends, but it only works if the person is wearing an X watch. Okay here it is.

1. Spot watch-wearing xbrox.

2. Pull up your sleeve like you’re looking at your watch. Sigh exasperatedly. Doesn’t matter if you’re wearing one or not.

3. Stop the person and say, “Excuse me, my watch stopped working/I forgot my watch today, have you got the straight edge?”

4. Make scores of new friends because of your charming wit and drug free, stunning good looks.

That’s it! Now get to it, xedgexwarriorsx!

Or you could just make friends with people you get along with based on any number of other common interests. My way’s a lot cooler though.


It’s not good for you and it does not, in fact, make you look cool.

Choose your words carefully


Definitions of words should only be considered universal if the definition itself submits towards the reflexive adaptivity of the individual human experience. 

In other words, don’t think the meanings you apply to words is identical to the meanings of the audiences receiving them.  

I’ve been watching people fail to realize this too often lately.